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Save Space without Sacrificing Style: Elegant Storage Solutions are Your Best Friend

Running a little short on storage space? You may be looking for better ways to get organized while minimizing clutter. Regardless, the right storage solutions can be your lifeline. From bookshelves and consoles to cabinets and armoires, stylish storage options can add function and save space with style.

No matter what type of storage piece you need, Domaine Furnishings carries an extensive selection of the industry's most trusted brands for elegance and quality so you can shop confidently.

Modern storage solutions

Reasons to Add Luxury Storage to Your Home

Typically, people shop for storage furniture and organization solutions when they need more space. One way this happens is when they've lived in the same home for many years and have gradually accumulated more belongings than they can reasonably store.

In other cases, you may just be looking for a way to store your belongings better or improve your home’s organization. Maybe you have an extensive book collection you'd like to display. This would be a great reason to invest in a quality, durable bookshelf that serves as a focal point and conversation starter. Meanwhile, other storage solutions (such as media cabinets) are excellent for hiding unsightly cables, organizing movies, and keeping your space tidy.

Of course, not all storage solutions are created equal. While you could easily order a cheap bookshelf to display your books and trinkets, many shelves will lack a high-quality brand's style and long-term durability. You want unmatched craftsmanship and longevity, even with shelving and storage solutions.

By investing in quality, elegant storage options, you elevate the look and feel of your space. Storage pieces made from quality materials (like natural wood, metal, and glass) can last many years, even becoming heirloom pieces with proper maintenance.

Potential Spaces to Add Elegant Storage

Many areas of your home might benefit from stylish storage solutions. Consider, for starters, your front entryway. A great storage chest with built-in cubbies can provide a space for each member of your family to store shoes and other accessories when they enter the home.

Moving into the living room, storage solutions such as media cabinets and bookshelves can go a long way in keeping your space organized while adding a pop of style. Meanwhile, cocktail tables, coffee tables, and carefully placed side tables provide additional storage for that morning mug of tea, newspapers, reading glasses, and other daily essentials.

In the dining room, storage solutions like cabinets, sideboards, and buffets offer stylish and versatile space for your china, flatware, linens, and more. You can even create a unique focal point in your dining room with a beautifully decorated sideboard or buffet; simply add a fresh floral arrangement and a few accessory pieces to complete the look.

Remember the home office or the bedroom when shopping for elegant storage solutions, too. A great storage console can complement a luxury desk with built-in storage drawers to take your home workspace to the next level. In the bedroom, dressers and chests offer functional storage for clothing and accessories – while expertly crafted nightstands add visual appeal to the space and keep bedside essentials within reach.

Modern office chair and desk

Tips For Selecting the Right Storage Pieces

As you shop stylish storage for your home, there are a few practical tips to remember while selecting the right pieces for your space.

1. Understand the Areas of Your Home that Need More Storage

Consider the area(s) of your home that most need a storage revamp. Perhaps your home office is overflowing with books and loose papers that a storage console or bookshelf could help organize. On the other hand, maybe you need a stylish armoire or dresser in your bedroom to store your favorite clothing items.

2. Remember the Styles of Furniture You Like & Match Them with Your Other Decor

We all have styles of furniture we find the most appealing. You can’t forget what you like and what you’ll still enjoy years from now or how it complements your existing decor. From traditional and contemporary to modern and transitional, you can find storage solutions in every style imaginable at Domaine Furnishings. We also carry furniture in a wide array of quality materials, ranging from natural wood and metal to luxury composite, veneer, and full-grain leather.

3. Choose Materials that Work for You

Keep in mind that the materials you select will also affect care and maintenance. In most cases, regular dusting and wiping down storage shelves and other surfaces will suffice. However, some materials are more sensitive to discoloration from light exposure or other elements, so this is something to keep in mind as you explore your options – especially if you're looking for a storage solution that will be as low-maintenance as possible.

4. Size is an Important Factor

Size/capacity should also stay top of mind when shopping for furniture storage pieces. Measuring the space you have to work with can be helpful so you know exactly which dimensions make sense. If you're limited on the amount of square footage you have but still need to increase your storage, take advantage of vertical storage space to maximize capacity. Taller bookshelves, chests, and other furniture pieces will be able to hold more items while retaining a small footprint.

Shop Stylish Storage Options From Domaine Furnishings

Adding functional and stylish storage pieces to your home is a great way to free up space, improve organization, and mitigate clutter without sacrificing elegance and design. Domaine Furnishings is proud to carry a selection of beautifully crafted storage pieces built to last. Whether you need a storage console, shelving, or dining room storage, we’ve got something that will suit your needs.

Shop our stylish storage options today to find the perfect pieces for your space – or contact our expert interior design team to create your ideal room!

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