Table Lamps

Options to top every nightstand, end table, credenza, or buffet – with style.

Table Lamps With Unique Design

A great table lamp does so much more than just provide a light source for your space. When chosen with care, a table lamp can reflect your unique design tastes while serving a functional purpose and creating ambiance in your home.

Domaine Furnishings is proud to offer an extensive selection of luxury table lamps, with styles ranging from modern, transitional, to contemporary. No matter what you have in mind, we carry options to top every nightstand, end table, credenza, and buffet with style.

The Functional Purpose of a Table Lamp

When shopping for the ideal table lamp, consider its intended function in addition to style. Depending on their size and placement, table lamps can provide many different types of lighting, including:

  • Ambient lighting - Used to offer general lighting within a space.
  • Task lighting - Used to provide lighting for a particular activity, such as reading.
  • Accent lighting - Used to create an atmosphere or draw attention to a specific component of your home.
  • Decorative lighting - Used purely for ornamental purposes and to reflect your design tastes.

In general, most rooms look their best with different "layers" of lighting—meaning that you may have multiple sources of different types of lighting in a single space. A great table lamp can help you layer the lighting in your room to create a more cohesive look.

Choosing a Table Lamp to Suit Your Space

In addition to considering the functional purpose of a table lamp, you'll also want to select a lamp that is the correct size and proportion for your space. If you're selecting a lamp to adorn a side table, for example, pick a lamp with a circumference less than half the width of the table itself. Be mindful of lamp height, too, as a table lamp that is too tall could look out of place.

At Domaine Furnishings, you'll find a selection of lamps ranging from 18" to 48" in height, as well as lamps of varying widths. Whether you're looking for a smaller accent lamp to adorn a nightstand or a larger statement piece for your buffet table, you'll find options to suit your tastes.

Explore Luxury Table Lamps From Domaine Furnishings

From contemporary to modern table lamps and every style in between, Domaine Furnishings offers quality selections from such trusted brands as Cyan Design, Bontempi, Arteriors, and more. And with materials running the gamut from industrial steel and iron to natural fabrics and linens, our table lamps empower you to express your unique style in every room of your home.

Shop our selection of luxury table lamps, or get in touch with our team for personalized and expert assistance with your interior design needs.