Bookcases + Shelving

Whether you desire a more open look to display a few pretty books and art pieces, or a large-scale enclosed piece to house the weight of an entire collection, you will find many fab options here.

Bookcases & Shelving That Will Give Your Space a High-end Look and Feel

Are you looking for a stylish yet practical way to show off your growing library? A luxury bookcase in your living room, hallway, or just about any other space can be a great way to showcase your favourite books, decor, and trinkets alike. 

Of course, not all bookcases and shelving are created equal. When shopping for a luxury bookcase that will give your space a high-end look and feel, Domaine Furnishings has you covered with a wide selection of contemporary, industrial, modern, and mid-century modern options.

The Importance of the Right Shelving

It's easy to overlook the importance of a great bookcase – but a lot goes into selecting the perfect luxury bookcase for your room. Bookcases made of cheap materials not only detract from the look and feel of your space but will often not hold up to the weight of heavy books, vases, and other decor over time.

Selecting the right bookcase and shelving from the beginning will save you from potentially having to replace a poor-quality shelf a few years down the road. When you purchase bookcase and shelving solutions from Domaine Furnishings, you enjoy quality materials and fantastic craftsmanship that completes the aesthetic of any room. A great bookcase can even be passed on to other family members.

Considerations for Choosing a Bookcase

There's a lot to think about when shopping for a new bookcase. Start by considering the space you're working in, as shelving comes in a wide range of dimensions. As you shop, consider not just the width and height of the piece but the depth as well. This is especially important if you have larger books, as you don't want them to hang over the edge of the shelf and create a sloppy look.

Consider, too, your preferred material for a bookcase. You'll want something strong enough to hold many heavy books while still being stylish enough to fit in your space. Look for quality materials like wood, metal, glass, and steel to ensure lasting durability.

Bookcases also come in both open- and closed-back styles, so you'll need to decide which design you prefer. Many people enjoy the versatility of an open-back bookcase, though a closed-back option may be better for placing against a wall or tucking away.

Last but not least, consider the features you want to find in a luxury bookcase. Adjustable shelving, for example, allows you to customize your new bookcase to fit your books and decor perfectly. Meanwhile, some bookcases even come with built-in storage options to keep things like remotes and magazines hidden when not in use.

Explore Our Selection of Luxury Bookcases and Shelving

No matter what you have in mind regarding your bookcase purchase, Domaine Furnishings has plenty of options from trusted brands like Bontempi, Sovet, Made Goods, and Theodore Alexander. 

Shop our selection of quality-made bookcases and shelving today—and drop a line to our interior design team to set up your personalized consultation for added assistance in choosing the right pieces for your space.