Chaise + Daybeds

Sit down and shamelessly drape yourself upon one of these beauties. Chaises and daybeds are often overlooked as upholstery options in a space. They provide an open and sculptural feel, while also offering comfort and additional seating.

Enjoy Comfort and Style with a Chaise or Daybed from Domaine

Ready to add functional and stylish furniture to your living space? An elegant chaise or daybed could be the perfect addition. Often overlooked as upholstery options in a space, these furniture pieces provide an open and sculptural feel while offering lush comfort and convenient additional seating.

Whether you have your heart set on a simple chaise or are looking for a more lavish daybed, Domaine Furnishings offers some beautiful options from sought-after brands such as Cisco Home, Thayer Coggin, Della Robbia, and Hickory Chair.

Why Add a Chaise or Daybed to Your Space?

Chaises and daybeds are ideal in many of your home’s spaces, including living and family rooms, guest rooms, and even home offices. These unique furniture pieces provide plush and cozy seating with a minimal footprint, so you can place them in any space without disrupting the room’s flow.

Whether you're looking for a piece to accent a larger sectional/sofa or need a place to curl up and read a book in the corner, a quality chaise or daybed can deliver.

Chaises and daybeds come in various styles, ranging from armless (such as this Chatfield Chaise), single arm on either the left or right side to designs with arms on both sides (like this sleek Caiden Chaise). For a more eye-catching look, you can even find chaises and daybeds that open to one side with a convenient armrest on the other side (like in this Gilroy Left Chaise).

What to Look For in a Chaise or Daybed

As you shop for a chaise or daybed, there are a few things you’ll want to remember as  you decide which piece fits your unique living space, lifestyle needs, and design tastes.

First, consider the size of the space in which you are working. Are you looking for a chaise or daybed that will stand alone in its niche in the room? Or are you looking for a design that will complement your existing furniture?

You'll also want to consider what kind of design/style you're looking for. You can find something that suits your space, from sleek and modern to more vintage designs (such as this lovely Pond Chaise).

The material of the chaise or daybed is another thing you don’t want to forget. Do you need something that will be stain-resistant and easy to clean? Do you prefer something more plush and indulgent, such as a textured bouclee or soft chenille? Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll want a clear idea as you choose.

Shop Stylish Chaises and Daybeds at Domaine Furnishings

When selected carefully, the right chaise or daybed in a living space or bedroom adds functional seating that’s elevated and comfortable. At the same time, chaises and daybeds provide a cozy relaxation space without taking up too much room. 

Shop our selection of quality-made chaises and daybeds – and be sure to reach out to our team to learn more about any of our products.