Area Rugs

Sink your toes into the hand-knotted beauties we have in store. Hand-made in Nepal, India, America, and all around the world – we have area rugs to suit every style and budget.

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Domaine’s Stunning Selection of Carpets

You’ve taken your time, carefully gathering each piece of furniture to create the perfect space, and now you just need an area rug to complete your vision. After searching high and low, you can call off the hunt.

Domaine’s stunning selection of carpets houses the hidden gem you need. Whether you’re looking for quality on a budget or want an investment piece, Domaine has an area carpet to fit any budget. Our collection prioritizes quality with hand-knotted, cowhide, and high-quality polyester area rug choices that speak for themselves.

Protect Your Floors & Keep Style Top-of-Mind

Area rugs are a timeless blend of protection and style wherever you place them. Choosing a rug from our collection ensures meticulous style details provide a functional, long-lasting piece that makes your space look luxurious. The bonus is keeping your hardwood, laminate, or other flooring safe from regular wear.

Visual Interest is a Must

One of the biggest reasons to invest in an exceptional area carpet is the visual interest you can attract. If you’re someone who craves unique shapes, textures, or colours, an attractive rug can be just the thing to add an eye-catching element to any room. 

Add a Unique Finishing Touch

Not everyone can be an interior designer, though that doesn’t mean you lack a vision for your home. As fellow perfectionists, we understand that finding the perfect final touch can be a lightning strike.

But, an area rug is the best way to round out a room, whether you’re selecting an intricate pattern or innovative pop of colour. Our collection provides a vast selection of sizes, styles, and materials for a unique and personalized living space. 

Your Area Rug Search is Over with Domaine

Finding the perfect rug can feel like looking for buried treasure without a map. You may have a vision or be flying blind, but Domaine’s interior designers will be your navigator. Simply show us your inspiration or share your other furnishings, and we’ll guide you through the process of finding the most suitable rug for your interior.

Take the first step on your journey and chat with the team today.