Floor Lamps

Whether you need to bring light to a dark corner, or height to an unfinished vignette, we have floor lamps to suit every style and function.

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Unique Floor Lamps Make for Fully Personalized Spaces

Adding a floor lamp to your living spaces can brighten them up – not just literally. With so many different floor lamp styles and designs available, the right lamp can add some unique charm, functioning as its own little work of art.

At Domaine Furnishings, we carry a variety of floor lamps in a range of colors, styles, and sizes to suit your tastes.

What a Floor Lamp Does For Your Space

Most rooms in your home benefit from having a few different types of lighting at play. There’s task lighting to illuminate the space while you're working or reading or mood lighting to create ambience. Meanwhile, decorative lighting can add charm and style to an otherwise dull room and keep it functional. Floor lamps do well in any of these categories, depending on the bulb you choose, their placement, and the other decor nearby. 

When you select a floor lamp, you’re choosing a stylish and versatile option that can open up your home office, dining room, living room, or bedroom to unique and new design configurations.

How to Choose the Right Luxury Floor Lamp

Since you’re likely investing in a new floor lamp, you’ll want to select one that can last for many years without cheapening the look of your space or throwing off the vibe of your room. Many quality floor lamps will be made of durable, natural materials (such as steel, resin, aluminum, brass, or even marble). They will have some weight so they cannot easily topple over.

As you shop for floor lamps, you'll also want to consider the look you're going for. A modern floor lamp (such as the popular Sadie Floor Lamp) is an excellent choice if you want something eye-catching and bold. On the other hand, if you're looking for something more sleek and contemporary, this Twin Floor Lamp may fit the bill. 

Height and scale should also be considered when selecting a floor lamp. A taller lamp can draw the eye up, creating the illusion of more space. Consider a model with adjustable cylinder shades or an adjustable height for greater versatility.

Shop Floor Lamps and More at Domaine

No matter what floor lamp style you have in mind, Domaine is the stop for an extensive collection of unique pieces from trusted brands like Arteriors, Nuevo, Bontempi, and Visual Comfort. 

Shop our collection of floor lamps today, visit our showroom, or reach out to schedule your consultation with our skilled interior design team!