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Written by: Michelle Brodrick

Sleeper Sofas: Host with Confidence

It’s an all too familiar scenario: you have guests coming and a familiar pang of panic and insecurity is slowly rising in your chest. You know deep down in your soul that your guest space is not up to par, and that in some ways it is slightly, well, lacking. Not all of us have the square footage or layout that allows for a spacious and hotel-like guest experience. How can one keep these insecurities at bay and even go so far as to replace them with dare I say, a little bit of confidence?

Investing in a well-made sleeper is a good way to start. Sleepers are one of the very few pieces of furniture available to us that physically transform from one function to another. They are both space savers and multi taskers. Because they are able to do so much, it is important to seek out those that are made in a way that will stand the test of time. There is a lot involved in the mechanics and making of these pieces and selecting one that is well made is the answer to providing the comfort and luxury you know your guests deserve. You should not have to feel embarrassed to host your friends and family overnight.

When it comes to well-made sleepers, nothing really compares to the Comfort Sleeper by American Leather, a Domaine favourite. These Comfort Sleepers truly tick all the boxes when it comes to the things you should be looking for while shopping for your guest space.

As previously mentioned, a sleeper sofa is a bit of a shapeshifter. A sofa for lounging in one moment, and a bed for sleeping the next. A sleeper worth investing in should be good at doing both. The Comfort Sleeper by American Leather boasts a patented system that does not involve any bars or springs – meaning, when sitting on it, or sleeping on it, you will only feel comfort. As a sofa, these pieces sit incredibly well, offering both standard foam and down + feather fills in the cushioning. As a bed, these pieces are as comfortable as any regular bed, offering 3 mattress options:

  • Standard
  • Gel
  • Tempur Pedic

 To reiterate, the first rule of thumb when shopping for a sleeper sofa is this: it should be a good multi-tasker. Another important thing to consider when shopping for your guest space is the size or scale of the sleeper sofa you are looking at. Sleeper sofas are wonderful additions to homes that are smaller scale or do not have as many rooms in them. They can double up as a sitting piece in a living room or den, and then transform into a bed as needed. Custom sleeper sofas like those from the Comfort Sleeper collection come in many sizes and configurations to make selecting a piece for your space quite painless. From cot or twin size, all the way to king in both small-scale sofas, or larger scale sectionals – there is a piece for every space. Our design team at Domaine is happy as always to help discover which piece is right for you.

Speaking of our team, us design-obsessed individuals would also suggest that it is important to invest in a sleeper sofa that has options when it comes to fabric and finish selections. The Comfort Sleeper collection has a wide array of designer fabrics and leathers to select from – a variety of different colours, weaves, and textures. Many of these are durable and even stain protected to allow for the utmost in durability, especially important for busy homes. Different arm and leg styles allow for variety when trying to source for a specific room style, whether it be modern, more transitional, classic, or even mid-century.

Finishing touches are the key to bringing a guest space home, and when short on space (or not) – bedding is important. Many of the Comfort Sleeper sectional styles from American Leather come with the option to include a storage chaise, which lifts for easy storage of bedding. We believe strongly in investing in good quality bedding that matches the quality of your sleeper sofa, to allow for a guest experience that follows right through to the smallest details. Soft to the touch fabrics, like Tencel are easy to access these days, cozy, down comforters, and supportive pillows.

Next time your guests come to call – don’t hide. Don’t ignore the call. Don’t send them in a panic to the nearest hotel or local air bnb … invest in your guest space, even if it’s small. Make it cozy, make it comfortable, and welcome them with your head held high.




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