Top 5 Furnishing Items Everyone Needs in Their Homes

Looking to refresh your living space? It may be time for some new furniture. From seating and lighting to area carpets and side tables, the right furnishings can elevate and transform nearly any space in your home. And if you need help determining where to begin, we've got some suggestions for the top furnishing items you need for functionality and beauty.

1. A Versatile Swivel Chair

Envisioning the perfect seating options for your home might not have started with a swivel chair. However, it is becoming increasingly common to utilize these versatile chairs in everyday living and entertaining spaces—and for good reason. These chairs offer a great deal of added flexibility in a room because they can be easily moved around and rotated to call attention to specific areas of a space.

A beautiful swivel chair can be an excellent option for a living room seating area, allowing you and your guests to keep the conversation going. Likewise, if you have a lovely view, placing a swivel chair (such as our sophisticated Tulip Swivel Chair) near a large window allows you and your guests to take it all in better.

2. A Stylish Accent Ottoman

Adding an accent ottoman to your living space is another unique way to add visual interest while serving a functional purpose. Depending on its size, an accent ottoman can be used as a cozy perch for your feet or for added seating when needed.

When selecting an accent ottoman, we recommend incorporating something with an attractive shape and an accent fabric that acts as a layering piece with other furnishings in your space. This can add a unique element to your interior design while complementing your existing furniture pieces, decor, and color scheme.

Looking for the right accent ottoman for your space? Make a statement with our Cisco Brothers Pouf Ottoman, a beautifully designed and expertly crafted piece that's as comfortable as it is stylish.

3. A Practical Floor Lamp

For those who enjoy curling up in a chair with a great book, a quality floor lamp is a must-have. Likewise, the right floor lamp can provide additional lighting during the evening hours that delivers more ambience than larger lighting fixtures or overhead lights.

Specifically, we love pharmacy-style floor lamps that are both small in scale and discrete in their style. These lamps can easily be placed near a cozy chair or sofa to provide softer lighting. Often, these lamps are also adjustable—so you can enjoy the flexibility of turning the brightness up or down to create your desired lighting effect. Our Salford Floor Lamp offers a full dimmer and tucks into sofas or reading chairs for the perfect combination of cozy and sleek design.

4. A Statement-Making Spot Table

A smaller spot table, which is usually 12 inches or fewer in diameter, can make a statement while serving a functional purpose in your living space. These sculptural tables can be easily moved around to suit your entertainment needs while offering additional surface area on which to rest an indulgent martini or energizing espresso.

Looking for inspiration? Our expertly crafted Sting Side Table Collection features a unique design with sturdy construction that's sure to catch eyes in your living room.

5. An Anchoring Area Carpet

The right area rug or carpet can serve as an essential layering piece in any space. Not only does an area rug provide a soft and plush texture under your feet—but it can also serve an anchoring function within your space by pulling your furniture and decor together. We typically suggest choosing a large enough rug so that all furniture pieces can at least rest their front feet on the rug's surface. However, if you're in doubt as to the size of rug to select, bigger is almost always better in this regard. Whether simple and textured or bold and graphic, a larger area rug will create the appearance of a larger and more open space. You can even customize your carpet, like our Modernas PW Blue Dusk Rug, for optimal room coverage.

Shop These Furniture Essentials and More at Domaine Furnishings

The right furnishings can make all the difference in your interior design and the use of space in your home. With carefully selected seating, spot tables, area rugs, and lighting, you can transform your living space and wow your guests.

Exploring these top furnishing items will get your shopping off to a solid start—and Domaine Furnishings is proud to carry a wide selection of these expertly crafted and quality-built pieces for you to choose from. Ready for additional help outfitting your living space? Get in touch with our team to schedule your interior design consultation!

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