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Domaine's Leather Furniture Collection

Durable, comfortable, and elegant – our leather furniture collection is curated to last and age gracefully.

Domaine’s leather collection boasts furniture from the most sought after leather brands, so you can count on uncompromising quality. From choosing the perfect sectional for a cozy and sophisticated lounge space or chairs to update your dining room, we’ll help you make a statement.

Leather Chairs

Our design team carefully selects each of our leather chairs to be ergonomic and timeless. Known for its durability, leather furniture offers peace of mind as it exceeds the wear of most fabrics.

For example, most leathers can be wiped clean if they become soiled. Additionally, your leather upholstery will retain its shape better than fabric, meaning even the seams of a chair are more resistant to tearing.

With our assortment of leather chairs, you’ll find countless leather colours and types too. From nubuck (low protection) to high protection leathers, Domaine’s in-house designers will help you select the right leather to work in your interior.

Leather Sofas

Choosing the right leather sofa for your space is easy with Domaine’s collection! Designs  range from modern, transitional, soft traditional, and more. Since most of our brands offer size customizations to ensure a perfect fit for your space, the endless possibilities are always exciting.

Choose from an extensive catalogue of leather colours and textures to make your sofa uniquely yours. Our high-end options offer versatility and durability, regardless of whether you want something curved, linear, or that offers power motion.

Leather Sectionals

Multiple seating options and a well-filled space are essential for your furniture. A leather sectional is a great solution. Domaine’s vast library of sectionals has the perfect match for you. Once you’ve selected a style, our in-house designers will measure and scale things to nail down the size and configuration that fits best.

It’s helpful that there are several distinctive shapes for sectionals, like the ever-popular L-shape, curved, and modular options. With several configurations available, the options might seem endless. 

Take the hassle out of choosing on your own. The interior design team at Domaine will help personalize your sectional.

Leather Recliners

Comfort is generally top of mind when adding new furniture to your home. You want a stylish piece that lets you kick up your feet and relax. A recliner can do just that by combining functionality, style, and ergonomics.

Leather recliners are an excellent choice, as they combine the timeless elegance of leather furniture with the appropriate lumbar support. Our collection of reclining leather sofas and chairs is right at your fingertips.

Leather Bedframes

Leather beds ooze with sophistication, allowing you to combine elegance with practicality. A leather headboard can be the perfect way to make a statement, while offering durability and longevity.

Most people are drawn to leather furniture for its style, but its usefulness makes it an even better choice for long-term use. Investing in high-quality leather for your bedroom furniture elevates your space. 

Domaine works with the best leather brands, offering you a selection of pieces that work no matter the style, size, or shape of your room. Whether you’re updating your entire bedroom or just need to elevate your bed, our selection of headboards and bedframes is all you need.

Leather Benches

A quality leather bench can tie together many rooms in your home. They’re practical options that combine function and aesthetics into one package. Adding a bench is a perfect way to make a room feel complete and add additional seating.

Consider a leather bench as an ottoman or in your entryway when putting on shoes. Leather is an excellent option because it’s easy to clean and maintain. If you’re looking for a more elevated look in the bedroom, a leather bench for the end of your bed is a great way to complete a room.

With Domaine’s selection of benches, we’ve brought together the options you need to finish off a space. Not sure where a bench would work for you? Our interior design team can offer suggestions and help you position your new leather bench for maximum usefulness and style.

Comfort & High-End Quality Come Together

Durability and comfort combine for quality, long-lasting leather furniture at Domaine. Each piece is hand selected with your home in mind. Choosing luxury leather furniture that perfectly matches your aesthetic is easier than ever with our online shop.

You’ll find only top leather vendors in our collection. Because we value quality craftsmanship and top-of-the-line materials, we choose companies that put these ideals into practice. From American Leather’s innovation to Bracci’s old-world Italian craftsmanship, and Gamma’s hand-crafted excellence, we’ve got the brand that matches your style.    

Looking for something even more specific? Get in touch or give us a call to chat with one of our expert designers. They’ll help you find the perfect piece to complete your vision and make your room feel like home.